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Waxing Services for Men in Flower Mound

Um, yeah, it's cool for guys to get waxed too

Whether your partner is asking you to trim things down or you simply like the aerodynamics of less body hair, men are getting waxed in 2021. Searches for “waxing for men” and “body waxing for men” are on the rise and have experienced a noticeable increase in the last five years.

For men who have been searching online, but have yet to take the leap--you should know there is a way to ease into waxing. Women who get waxed often start slowly too. At Bare Cactus Waxing in Flower Mound, male body waxing is among the more popular services. Guys, here is your go-to guide to getting waxed.

The Go-To Guide for Men's Waxing

Prepare yourself for waxing services. It’s not as bad as the scene from 40-year-old virgin, but it’s not painless either. Even the most experienced esthetician will tell you that your first waxing experience is a bit uncomfortable, but maintaining your manscape with consistent appointments will reduce the pain, ingrown hairs, and keep you fuzz-free.

To prepare for your first waxing appointment, exfoliate 24 to 48 hours before your waxing appointment. You can also plan to wax a smaller area that is less sensitive. If you’re considering a male Brazilian, ease into that service with an extended bikini wax.

Whether it’s your first wax or your 50th, you need to exfoliate the treatment area two times a week at least a week or two before your appointment. This will not only help the hairs lift out more easily, it'll prevent ingrown hairs and reduce redness and irritation after your service.

Tips for the day of your waxing appointment. Kicking back a few beers or a shot of bourbon might seem like a good way to take the edge off the pain, but it could actually make things worse. Alcohol could increase bleeding or, worse, make you more sensitive to the pain. Instead, down a few ibuprofen about 30 minutes before your appointment.

If your esthetician doesn’t tell you what to expect--ask. The number one way to quell fears of the unknown is to ask about what is to come. Sharing your concerns and asking questions is a good way to take the edge off because you will know what is coming next.

Things to do after your waxing appointment. Be sure to schedule any tanning of any sort, workouts or vigorous activities for 24 hours or more after your waxing appointment. Also stay away from soaking in any water or heat--no baths, saunas, lakes, pools, etc., for at least 24 hours. Your pores are wide open after waxing, so these are some things that could cause a horrible breakout or uncomfortable irritation.

You will want to exfoliate at least once or twice a week to enjoy smoother skin. Plus, routine exfoliation makes your next appointment all the easier.

Consistency is key. If you want to brave waxing “like a man,” don’t miss your appointments. The more you go, the easier the hair comes out, the less sensitive your skin becomes, and the less painful the experience is overall.

Why do Men Get Waxed?

Men get waxed for all sorts of reasons. Some just like the clean, fresh feel, while others don’t want to sport a hairy back at the beach. Whatever the reason, man or woman, you deserve to remove your unwanted hair without judgement.

Waxing Appointments for Men in Flower Mound

Remove unwanted body hair. Book your appointment with Bare Cactus Waxing in Flower Mound. At Bare Cactus, we use hard wax to help reduce pain and improve results. Experience male body waxing in a private, comfortable setting. Request your appointment or call/text 214-945-9862 to schedule now.


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