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How to Prepare for Your First Brazilian Bikini Wax

The ultimate waxing experience is a Brazilian Wax. There is nothing like being smooth as a baby’s bottom down under. Aside from the benefits in certain intimate moments, there is also the fabulous worry-free lifestyle you can now live. Stringy-bikini? Yes, please! Short-shorts and Bikram yoga? Let’s do it! You can wear those clothes you thought were merely a pipe dream while living it up with twists, bends, and turns in a variety of angles without one single pubic hair escaping to make the moment, well, just plain awkward.

Now, you may be thinking, oh, but it HURTS! Yes, yes, have the hair ripped from your loins with satisfying rip can be a little on harsh side, but the good news is that after three, well-planned and consecutively adhered-to appointments, the intensity of the pain is about as bad a ripping off one of those flimsy cartoon band-aids, which you know, barely hurts at all. Plus, think of the freedom of being free from ALL. THAT. HAIR.

If you’re still reading, it seems like you’re going to do this, so it is time to prepare you for the first Brazilian waxing. Don’t worry, the prep is super easy and painless.

Let it grow. Just like any other area that you want to wax, hair should be ¼ of an inch (about the length of a grain of rice), so in the words of that girl from Frozen, “Let it grow, let grow….” (or something like that).

Exfoliate and moisturize. In the week leading up to your Brazilian bikini wax be sure to exfoliate and moisturize the area every other day. Use an exfoliating mitt and gentle in-shower exfoliant followed by moisturizing lotions or creams.

Plan perfectly. If you are menstruating, consider your period schedule when planning your Brazilian wax appointment. An appointment that falls right before or during your period can make your skin more sensitive, which means that you might experience a bit more pain. While it is possible to wear a tampon and get waxed, it will be a better experience if you schedule after your period.

Stretch. Waxing in some areas requires you to be a little limber. Remember those butterfly stretches from that one time you tried yoga? Practice that. It will make things a little easier for you and for your esthetician.

Numb the pain. About 30 minutes before your appointment, you can take an ibuprofen (a.k.a. Advil) to help reduce the pain. However, that’s the only pre-game you need. Alcohol or caffeine might seem like a good idea, but both can make you more sensitive to pain and cause bleeding.

Get comfy. Wear comfy cotton clothing, including cotton panties. You’re welcome to wear lacy thongs or tight shorts, but you might be a little sore and want loose-fitting softens as your lady bits recover from the wrath of waxing (really, it’s not that bad, but who doesn’t like to be more comfortable when possible?).

Just do it. The big day is here! Strip down, lay back, and [try to] relax. Seriously, chat with your esthetician about your workday, your kids, your puppy, or that cute guy at the coffee shop. Conversation will help keep your mind off the process and reduce the pain.

Deep cleansing breaths. Your esthetician will walk you through the process and when the really intense moments arrive, you can inhale deeply and release on command. Deep breathing on cue can help reduce the pain for those areas that are typically extra sensitive.

Reap the rewards. And you’re done! Don’t look down for admiration just yet. Check to make sure you like your new ‘do but admire the petunia patch in a few hours when everything has calmed down. Your skin will look a bit like an angry, red mess after that event, but it’s only temporary. Avoid soaking in a tub or pool, heavy sweating and tanning for 24 hours to avoid further irritating the skin and ingrown hairs. That smooth, sexy look should last you a few weeks. Depending on the frequency of your appointments and how fast your hair grows, you won’t have to do that again for four to six weeks. The good news is that your skin gets less sensitive with each subsequent appointment—so don’t skip sessions—and you can enjoy that sexy smoothness month after month with less pain!

Book a Brazilian Wax Appointment at Bare Cactus

Get rid of all that unwanted here “down there”! Be ready for the sexiest moments and all those in between with a Brazilian waxing from Bare Cactus in Flower Mound. You will not regret it! Book your appointment today.

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still team
still team
Apr 18, 2023

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